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Are all vinyl sidings the same?
Not all vinyl siding are the same. Because vinyl is a chemical compound the quality and quantity of the chemicals used can have an impact on how the siding performs, such as color retention, impact resistance and expansion and contraction.

Why use siding that is certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute?
Vinyl siding certified through VSI’s Program is verified by a third-party, accredited inspection agency to meet or exceed ASTM D3679, the long-standing, accepted industry standard for quality vinyl siding.

What is insulated siding?
Insulated siding is vinyl siding that is engineered to incorporate a substantial thickness of insulation. More specifically, insulated siding is a vinyl cladding with manufacturer-installed rigid foam plastic insulation that is laminated or otherwise permanently attached to the cladding product. This substrate makes it more impact resistant and adds higher R-values.

What else is available to help dress up the exterior of the home?
We have available many designer accessories such as realistic simulated stone panels, vinyl shake and half-round shingles, shutters, door and window surrounds and decorative moldings.

Fiber Cement vs. Vinyl siding?
Fiber cement siding is a compressed board siding manufactured from powdered cement with the addition of cellulose fiber. Traditional fiber cement siding requires painting, Vinyl siding comes in 12 to 25-foot sections, in a variety of colors and widths. Vinyl siding is lightweight and costs less than fiber cement siding. Vinyl siding is available in a rainbow of colors with mix-and-match trim, soffit and accessories Vinyl siding is user-friendly when it comes to installation. Vinyl siding is less expensive to install than fiber cement siding.

Are all vinyl windows the same?
No there are many differences in vinyl windows. Among a few are the thickness and quality of the vinyl, the energy efficiency of the glass and quality of the hardware.

Are there any options to white only window?
We have available a variety of interior & exterior colors and wood grains

What styles of windows are available?
There are many different styles available from double hung's, casements, bow and bay windows, to combinations of all of the above.

Once I have placed a window order when is it available to install?
In most cases if we receive a window order by Friday of each week we will have the windows in our warehouse the following Thursday. There are exceptions for certain windows with extra ordinary features.

What makes A. S. & W. Wholesale different from other distributors?

  • A. S. & W. Wholesale is an independent family owned corporation, with location in Kansas City & St Louis with over 50yrs in business
  • Highly trained and experienced personnel.
  • Because of knowledgeable staff we are able to provide answers to difficult questions about product application, sales techniques and unique product availability
  • By being independent we are able to offer a variety of products from different manufacturers to meet your specific needs